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SkyGarden's 'KOKOA' is now streaming worldwide

Sep 27, 2023

Japanese trio SkyGarden debut single "KOKOA" is now available for streaming and downloading on all digital music platforms worldwide.  Read more

JC Regino serenades fans with heartfelt love song 'Tama Na Sa 'Kin Ikaw'

Sep 19, 2023
JC Regino

Don’t miss the enchanting release of JC Regino’s “Tama Na Sa ’Kin Ikaw,” under GMA Music, now available on digital platforms worldwide. Read more

April Boy Regino's son JC Regino releases 'Tama Na Sa'Kin Ikaw'

Sep 15, 2023
JC Regino

Listen to JC Regino's "Tama Na Sa'Kin Ikaw" out now! Read more

Japanese trio SkyGarden drops music video of debut single 'KOKOA'

Sep 12, 2023
SkyGarden KOKOA

Listen to SkyGarden's "KOKOA," now out on all digital music streaming platforms. Read more

Catch Nameless Kids on GMA Playlist this September 8

Sep 7, 2023
Nameless Kids

Watch Nameless Kids's performance of their original songs on the GMA Playlist this Friday.  Read more

Japanese trio SkyGarden receives positive remarks for newly-release single 'KOKOA'

Sep 5, 2023

SkyGarden's debut single "KOKOA" landed at the sixth spot on iTunes Philippines.  Read more

Filipino Japanese boy group SKYGARDEN joins AltG Record's roster

Sep 5, 2023

The contract signing happened last July 28 with GMA Music Managing Director Rene Salta, Artist and Repertoire Manager and in-house producer Kedy Sanchez, and SKYGARDEN manager Ruby Cuevas. Read more

Japanese trio SkyGarden releases debut single 'KOKOA'

Aug 30, 2023

SkyGarden's first single "KOKOA" is under AltG Records   Read more

Catch Sugarcane on GMA Playlist this August 25

Aug 24, 2023

Watch Sugarcane's performance of their original songs on GMA Playlist this Friday.  Read more

Wickermoss releases 'Babalik'

Aug 24, 2023

Listen to Wickermoss's new single "Babalik", out now! Read more


Alternative rock band Wickermoss reunites with AltG Records

Aug 18, 2023

Wickermoss, the Filipino alternative rock band, is making a return to their roots as they reunite with AltG Records after 18 years. Read more

Catch Kaye Cal on 'Playlist Live' this August 18

Aug 17, 2023
 Kaye Cal

This Friday, join Kaye Cal for Playlist Live at 1 p.m. Read more

Gel Aquino drops performance video of latest single 'Ang Nais Ko'

Aug 15, 2023
Gel Aquino Ang Nais Ko performance video

 Gel Aquino releases the performance video for her self-written single "Ang Nais Ko." Read more

Gel Aquino strikes a chord with heartfelt single "Ang Nais Ko"

Aug 11, 2023
Gel Aquino

GMA Music artist Gel Aquino delves into the depths of heartbreak with her latest self-penned emotional ballad “Ang Nais Ko,” now available on digital platforms worldwide. Read more

Gel Aquino debuts 'Ang Nais Ko' at third spot on iTunes Philippines

Aug 10, 2023
Gel Aquino

Listen to Gel Aquino's heartbreak single "Ang Nais Ko," now out on all digital music platforms worldwide! Read more

Crystal Paras to perform 'Voltes V Legacy' and 'Hearts On Ice' theme songs on GMA Playlist this Friday

Aug 10, 2023
Crystal Paras

Catch Crystal Paras's performance of 'Voltes V Legacy's "Ikaw Sana Ang Nauna" and 'Hearts On Ice's "Never Stop Believin" on GMA Playlist this Friday.  Read more

Listen to these songs from 'The Cheating Game' official soundtrack

Aug 9, 2023
The Cheating Game original soundtrack

Listen to the official soundtrack of Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz's movie 'The Cheating Game'. Read more

Gel Aquino releases heartbreak song 'Ang Nais Ko'

Aug 8, 2023
Gel Aquino

Gel Aquino drops her second self-composed single, 'Ang Nais Ko.'    Read more

Catch Yun Band on Playlist Live this August 4

Aug 3, 2023
Yun Band

This Friday, join Selina Griffin for her first Playlist Live at 1 p.m. Read more

Catch Marga Jayy on GMA Playlist this July 28

Jul 28, 2023
Marga Jayy

Watch Marga Jayy perform her latest single "ur myn" on GMA Playlist this Friday.   Read more