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Alden Richards debuted his newest single under GMA Music, “Goin’ Crazy” at his record-breaking, sold-out concert, ‘Alden’s Reality.’ Missed it? Catch it here!

WATCH: Alden Richards's "Goin' Crazy" performance at 'Alden's Reality'


Listen and dance to the sleek rhythm of Alden Richards’s newest single titled “Goin’ Crazy” as GMA Music releases a special 360-degree video of the Asia’s Multimedia Star’s debut performance at his 10th showbiz anniversary concert, ‘Alden’s Reality.’



With the help of the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality, Alden accomplished another impressive feat in his 10 years in the industry when he bannered ‘Alden’s Reality’ on December 8. His special anniversary celebration and the first virtual reality concert in the country met an outstanding success, getting sold out and enjoyed by audiences all around the world.


And to top off this historic, landmark project and offer another first, Alden also launched his song “Goin’ Crazy” via a debut song-and-dance number ahead of its worldwide release on digital and streaming platform.

Seeing Alden’s performance at ‘Alden’s Reality’ definitely felt like a step closer to your dream date with the Asia’s Multimedia Star. But if you’ve missed out on this one-of-a-kind concert experience, don’t fret.

GMA Music released earlier today Alden’s “Goin’ Crazy” performance, complete with a 360-degree view that lets you into Alden’s world and join the concert stage with him.

Don’t let this chance pass you by! Watch and groove to his performance video below:


Meanwhile, relive the career highlights of Alden’s glorious first decade in showbiz in the gallery below: