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Fans party with Chris Brown and Rihanna

November 17, 2008 10:14pm
MANILA, Philippines - With the two of the hottest pop sensations performing in the year’s most-awaited back-to-back concert, there’s never a right time to say goodbye!

Under the fullness of the moon, Chris Brown and Rihanna drew in as many as 70,000 fans last November 16 to The Fort Open Field, Global City, in Taguig, for their first-ever Philippine concert.

From the moment Chris Brown took the center stage, to the time he bid the audience goodbye to give the floor to Rihanna, the audience were wild, feverishly singing their lungs out, dancing, jamming, and clapping their hands.

Brown opened the night with an assurance to his crowd that the night will be a sure “party” – and partying on a Sunday night has never been this fun!

His dance moves were consistently flawless and his own version of Michael Jackson’s Rock with You and Thriller was a bomb.

One fan even said: “He’s the contemporary Michael J,” referring to pop icon Michael Jackson.

Brown entertained the audience with hits such as Run It; Kiss, Kiss; Yo! (excuse me miss); There’s Never a Right to Say Goodbye; With You; No Air; and Forever.

The concert night was perfect, with nature and man seemed to have connived for the much-anticipated concert, which was unmarred by rain despite weeks of sporadic rainshowers that preceded the event.

The crowd control was also impressive. Despite the whooping number of fans, the security observed was remarkable.

Before Rihanna formally took center stage, a roughly 15-minute break occurred. It would have been boring if not for the breath-stopping fireworks that awed everybody.

After the interval and with the intro of her song “Disturbia” booming out from the loud speakers, the audience went from calm to frantic, and got even wilder when Rihanna finally appeared on stage.

The appearance of Rihanna, who was clad in her signature black-leather outfit, generated much excitement.

The stage effects were dazzling during the show; the sound system was a bit disappointing though but it was not enough to divert the attention of the fans who were so busy raising their mobile phones and digital cameras to take pictures and record a video – perhaps, two ways to save the pieces the historic concert.

Almost everytime Rihanna would shift from one song to another, the stage lights would go out and one point, the enthusiastic crown shouted “more!”

And Rihanna did so by entertaining the fans with her hits such as: Pon de Replay; Don't Stop the Music; Take a Bow; Shut up and Drive; Good Girl Gone Bad; and Hate that I Love You.

During her performance, Rihanna would repeatedly express her disbelief that more than 70,000 people flocked to the venue to watch them perform, adding that she cannot wait to hold another concert in the Philippines.

And when it was time for her to go, the fans were a bit saddened. But with the intro of her song “Umbrella” started playing, the fans were enlivened.

They shouted loudest as ever and cheered even louder after Brown came out to join Rihanna.

The pop stars’ chemistry was exquisite. As they made beautiful music together, and with Brown hugging Rihanna after their song, the fans, who adored their chemistry, kept on saying “they look good together!”

Before Rihanna left, she blew goodbye kisses to the audience.

The concert, which started past 8 p.m., ended at about 11 in the evening, and as the stage lights went out for good, fans swore that their Sunday has never been this splendid. - GMANews.TV
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