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AGB Nielsen, TNS yield different TV ratings results

November 27, 2009 4:44pm
Survey firms AGB Nielsen Philippines and TNS Media Research generated different TV ratings results for ABS-CBN and GMA Network for the third quarter of 2009.

For National Urban Philippines, TNS reported that ABS-CBN’s average total day ratings from July to September was at 18-points, vis-à-vis GMA’s 13 to 14 points. ABS’ audience share figures according to TNS were steady at 46 to 47 points level, or a double digit lead over GMA of 11 points.

On the other hand, AGB Nielsen recorded a relatively lower lead by only 2.9 points in favor of ABS-CBN in National Urban Philippines for the same period. ABS had an average total day (6 am–12 mn) rating of 17.2 points from July to September against GMA’s 14.3 points.

ABS-CBN posted an average of 41 percent audience share according to AGB, up by only 5 to 6 percentage points over GMA, and is substantially lower than the double-digit margin recorded by TNS.

In primetime, TNS data showed ABS’ programs leading by 9 to 10 points ratings over GMA’s. Audience share of ABS’ primetime block were at 50 to 51 points according to TNS.

But according to AGB Nielsen’s National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM), ABS’ primetime shows had an average rating of 27.8 percent, up by only 5.8 percent over GMA’s. ABS’ audience share based on AGB was only at 44.6 percent, lower than the 50 to 51 percent share as recorded by TNS.

Leading in Urban Luzon, Mega Manila

In Urban Luzon, which accounts for 77 percent of the total urban TV population in the country, GMA posted a 1.5-point lead over competition with an average channel rating of 16.2 percent against ABS-CBN's 14.7 percent, according to AGB Nielsen. GMA also posted 3.5 percentage point lead in audience share with an average of 38.5 percent against ABS’ 35 percent during the third quarter.

GMA booked 10 spots in the list of overall top 20 programs in Urban Luzon for October. Darna led all programs in the roster with an average rating of 31.1 percent.

In viewer-rich Mega Manila, which accounts for 49 percent of total TV households, GMA outperformed competition with an average channel rating 17.5 percent, up by 3.5 percentage points over ABS’ 14 percent, according to AGB. GMA had an average audience share of 40 percent, 8 percentage points higher than competition’s 32 percent.

GMA secured 12 spots in the list of overall top 20 programs in Mega Manila. Darna, 24 Oras, and Stairway to Heaven were the top three programs in the list. – GMANews.TV

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