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PBA: Game-fixing accusations come from sore losers - Salud

July 4, 2012 7:40pm

"Accusations saying that the PBA is rigged that the PBA is fixed (are) baseless, unfounded and certainly could only come from someone who has lost his mind and is clearly a sore loser," said Commissioner Chito Salud after Don Allado's Twitter tirade claiming that the league is rigged.

"Obviously, it was a result of a burst of emotion. It's the test. That's the time that you have to check your emotions. You're a professional. You've been here for 13 or 14 years. Check your emotions, check your temper. You've gained and you've derived your livelihood from this league then in one swift act you destroy it? That is clearly irresponsible of him," said Salud of the Barako Bull forward.

The Commissioner plans to meet Allado on Thursday, giving the Barako forward a chance to support his claims.

"I wil meet with him tomorrow and get him to back up whatever that he's accusing us. Clearly, our constitution prohibits our players and all team officials from issuing public statements that are prejudicial and detrimental to the league whether true or not. My interest right now is to find out if he has evidence to back up his accusations saying - that this league is rigged, that this league is fixed - statements that I refute right now. This league is for the fans and there is no way that we will allow it to be fixed or to be rigged," added Salud.

Allado now awaits sanctions from the league, even after he has already deleted the incriminating tweets from his Twitter timeline.

"As usual you have sanctions of a fine. The commissioner, in his discretion, can impose sanctions that should be commensurate to the acts he commited. I have to hear his side tomorrow (as) part of due process. Let him expound, let him explain, let him defend the statements that he made. That's part of the due process. Tomorrow will be the reckoning day for him and he better have a good explanation. Then sanctions will follow. I am not aware whether on not he deleted it. What's important here is he has issued statements in public," said Salud.

The night before, Allado and the rest of the Barako Bull lost a close game against the Powerade Tigers. In the last two minutes, Barako questioned a non-call on Powerade import Omar Sneed, who sat for more than three seconds in the shaded area with Allado and two more Barako defenders nearby. After the game, Allado released his statements through Twitter under his handle @alotofDon.

"I'm the guy that says what others can't.#PBA games are fixed. They control who is in & who is out. It's a disgrace to be in this league," said Allado.

Allado went on to say that the PBA has little credibility left.

"I am bitter about losing. Not to Powerade, but to #PBA . In my opinion, this league has little credibility left."

At the risk of being sanctioned, Allado went further, saying:

"But I hope they sanction me. I will expose them all."

The serious claims reached Salud, who would have preferred that Allado air his comments to the commissioner instead.

"He could have just gone to me and aired his sentiments. I do undestand the passion and the agony of losing, but he crossed the line. Those statemnts are clearly unsportsmanlike in nature," said Salud.

Salud added that serious accusations like Allado's affect the image of the league- one that was taken care of and protected for the last 37 years.

"This league has been around for the last 37 years. His statements are an indictment not just against the refs but against the entire organization membership and those people who have taken care of the PBA, who have cared for the pba over the years of its existence."

The commissioner stressed that players must be in their best behavior at all times, given their status as role models.

"I think it's very important at this point to stress that our players are role models. Our youth are looking up to them. How they behave how they conduct themselves, most especially after a bitter loss. That's the test of a sportsman after losing- how do you conduct yourself. Those are reckless statements and I'd like to point out also that these statements came from a player who has been in the league for 13 or 14 years, from someone who has enjoyed the games, with the benefits given to him by the league, the very league that he now attacks after a loss last night," Salud added. --RAF/OMG, GMA News
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