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OFW guide: Distracting things to avoid doing at your desk

September 20, 2012 1:30pm
There's a reason why your office desk is called a "workstation." It's where you do nearly all of your work.
However, there are many things that you could be doing that may distract you from being productive at your desk.
Anything that takes your attention away from your tasks — from chatting with your co-worker or posting on Facebook — could affect your performance at work.
The information site “Lifehacker” compiled a list of things to quit doing at one's desk.
(1) Thinking
This may sound contradicting at first but it’s actually not.

The Lifehacker article said a desk is for "executing," not "thinking."
Thinking too much at your desk may distract you from finishing the tasks at hand.
If you really want to think out your long-term and short-term plans, it is best to do so during times that you are alone while taking a shower or having your morning coffee.
You are more likely to have an“Ah-Ha!” moment during those times, not while you are doing forced thinking at your desk.
(2) Socializing
Everyone is guilty of a bit of socializing every now and then. It’s just human nature to share ideas and stories with others.
However, if you do this too often or too long, it will definitely affect your productivity at work.
Your workstation is supposed to be a place where you focus on accomplishing your tasks.
When at your desk, focus. Don’t socialize until you get to finish a some tasks. This will help you work in a smooth and efficient manner.
(3) Procrastinating
What you've got to do, you've got to do.
Do not procastinate by checking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other website if it's not related to your work.

This will definitely slow down the pace that you finish your work so avoid it.
If you are not in the mood to work, take a quick break, think things through and most importantly, breathe to regain your focus.
If you are often distracted by social networking sites, it is best to go to the source of the problem. Root it out before your procrastination starts taking control of your life.
(4) Sitting
Sitting may be comfortable but it’s usually not as productive as when you’re doing work standing up.
It may seem awkward at first but getting a standing desk over a chair would bring in positive results. You could always revert back to a chair if you don’t like it.
The best thing about standing desks is that you’re not bound to your chair. You can keep on working when you feel tired or need a break. 
To maximize the use of standing desks, set your mind to think that your desk is a workstation – a place where you should get things done and nothing else. - VVP, GMA News
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