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PHL's hero dog Kabang loving cold weather in US, says vet

October 12, 2012 1:00pm

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Philippine hero dog Kabang is loving the cold weather in the United States where she will soon undergo reconstructive surgery after losing half of her snout as she saved two young girls from being run over in Zamboanga City, her veterinarian said.

“Okay naman, she’s adjusting pretty well. I think she loves the cold weather,” said  Kabang’s veterinarian Dr. Anton Lim in a report over GMA Network's "News To Go" program on Thursday.

“We still couldn’t believe na nandito na si Kabang,” Lim added.

Kabang has already met the doctors who will be operating on her at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California-Davis.

Lim said Kabang has to undergo several tests before the surgery to ensure that she will not become infected.

"They have to be very thorough. They have to do a CT scan, they have to do some animal modeling, etc," Lim explained.

Kabang's surgery will cost an estimated $20,000 (roughly around P800,000).

Karen Kengott, an American nurse, spearheaded the donation drive for Kabang. Team Kabang has already received $22,000 so far. 

“One thing about the funds that was raised, it came from 22 countries,” Lim said.

“Ang maganda dito maliliit ‘yung donations, so you can just imagine how many people donated to be able to reach that amount,” he said.

Kabang's story has inspired people of different nationalities, not only Filipinos. Her story was carried by various news sites, including the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), one of the major media networks in the US.

An article on the CBS News website called Kabang's story as an " inspiring tale of an uninsured street dog from the Philippines receiving expensive, state-of-the-art health care in America."

Meanwhile, Kabang's owners said they were overwhelmed by the support given to Kabang by people from all over the world.

One of Kabang’s family members said,“Masaya dito sa amin ngyaong December, ‘yung sabi na uuwi daw si Kabang dito, ibalik daw nila sa amin.” 

Another dog with a snout problem

Aside from Kabang, a dog from Talisay, Cebu also needed surgery to fix his injured and deformed snout.

The snout of Kenneth, a six-month-old dog, was deformed after he was stabbed by unidentified men in September.

Kenneth has already undergone reconstructive surgery in a private hospital. Four surgeons reconstructed, remodeled, and reattached his nose and chin.

He is bound to be transferred to the rescue center in Danao, Cebu for recuperation.

Kenneth will also be enrolled in the dog adoption process once authorities have deemed him fit and free from trauma. 

Kenneth’s story was circulated by social media users in the hopes of getting donations for the dog. - VVP, GMA News
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