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UK has anti-alien war weapons, former defense adviser claims

October 16, 2012 1:43pm
Could this be Torchwood in the works?
A former adviser to the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense claims that the country has stockpiled weapons capable of defending against an alien invasion.

Nick Pope, the government’s former UFO adviser, said the UK has sophisticated weaponry to defend itself from extraterrestrials, according to a report on MSN.
“We do have several prototype aircraft and drones and other weapons you won’t see on the news for another 10 to 15 years so if we did face a threat from the unknown then even if there is no Torchwood around now, there would be something like it by then and they certainly would have some great kit to help in the fight,” he said in an interview on MSN.
Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defence for 21 years, said that in the event of an attack, he expected we would “quickly adapt our plans for other more current war scenarios.”
MSN said Pope was involved in the British government’s program to declassify and release the MoD’s UFO files to the National Archives.

Quick, efficient defense
He left the MoD in 2006 and now lives in California. He now lectures around the world and works with television and film companies to develop new ideas.
Pope said that while there is no special alien-hunting group, he was sure nations can pool their resources and set up a defense quickly and efficiently in the event of attack.
Also, he said that while the official government position is that UFOs offer “no significant defensce threat,” what that really means is that “we don’t know.”
“My colleagues and I said, whatever our official position - the one we gave to the public, media or parliament, - privately, where five per cent of UFO sightings remained unexplained, at the very least there has to be a potential threat,” he said.
How to fight
Pope said one possibility to fight would be to unite all the nations of the world.
He said the late former US President Ronald Reagan once hinted at it in a speech to the United Nations, saying, “I occasionally think how quickly we would set aside our difference if we faced some alien threat from the other side.”
Investigating UFO sightings
Pope said he was tasked from 1991 to 1994 to investigate the 200 to 300 reported sightings of UFOs in the UK each year to see if there was evidence of a potential threat.
“One of the things that was interesting was that when people reported seeing UFOs these things were capable of extraordinary maneuvers and speeds. They were much faster than our military jets so we wanted to find out about the technology and if we could find it useful,” he said.
He added defense scientists were very interested in the fact they might have some kind of exotic propulsion system.
Pope also said he was “absolutely convinced that elsewhere in the universe there must be other life and I am also convinced that some of that is going to be intelligent.”
“I am open-minded about the possibility that some of that life is visiting us down here but just as our space program is reaching out to find out what is out there, it seems other life forms could be motivated by the same thing,” he said.
When asked how he thought aliens look like, he said, “they come in all shapes and sizes according to the people who have seen these things. There is a vast variety of life.”
Artificial life
He also said one of the things discussed at the Royal Society is that we could be dealing with artificial life, or a post-biological universe of cyborgs and robots.
“I suspect there are thousands and millions of civilisations out there. We all hope it’s just going to be ET-style fluffy aliens as opposed to a terrifying alien invasion,” he said.
Convinced of alien life
Pope said one event that convinced him there was alien life was a case in the UK at Rendlesham Forest, in 1980, in Suffolk between two military bases, where a UFO that actually landed.
He said some of the witnesses described a smallish craft.
“It came on a second night and when military personnel examined the landing site they found indentations in the ground and defense intelligence staff assessed the radiation levels with a Geiger counter and found radiation levels at eight times normal,” he said.
He said they told Parliament there was “no defense significance” but did so with “tongue firmly in cheek,” because “you cannot have a UFO land between two defence bases without it being of enormous defence significance.” — TJD, GMA News
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