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The different faces of Janno Gibbs

March 9, 2007 10:08am
Funny but serious, gregarious yet oozing with reserve off camera, meet Janno Gibbs, a versatile and multi-faceted man. Join us as we discover who Janno Gibbs really is.

Having an opportunity to talk to one of the most talented singer/comedians in the Philippines today is like opening a book of revelations. Hearing him talk about his craft will make you feel like you’ve figured what this guy is all about. But have you really?

Janno the Performer

A multi-talented man, his recent projects are proof of what kind of caliber this artist really has. Working with Joey De Leon, Vic Sotto, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez is enough for us to say that Janno Gibbs is a star in his own right.

His love for his work is evident in the way he moves, talks and even with the way he looks. Listening to him while he enthusiastically give updates about his singing and acting career made us wonder what is it like to be a total performer like him.

“My new album is out. Ang title niya Little Boy. It is my most personal album, kasi mga 80 percent ng kanta, sinulat ko. Sa acting naman, first time kong mag tele-drama (in Lupin). Excited ako sa role ko. Toned down yung comedy pero meron pa rin siyempre. Hindi ko matiis na mag punchline," says Janno of his latest projects.

His enthusiasm is engaging and we can’t help but ask whether playing comic characters is second nature to him. Janno confessed that he is not really a humorous person. “Alam mo, in real life, rarely lang ako mag crack ng punchline. Normally serious lang ako. Tahimik lang."

But when the cameras start rolling, his witty remarks, and fresh approach to comedy is such a welcome sight amidst the slapstick approach and green jokes that some comedians resort to.

Janno as Lollipop

For someone who is dubbed to be a typical Don Juan, Janno Gibbs is very effective in playing gay roles. His character, Lollipop, in Nuts Entertainment’s Balakubak segment is a colorful proof of that.

“I’m very comfortable playing gay roles. Actually sa aming tatlo nila Joey (De Leon) at Anjo (Yllana), ako yung pinaka kina-career yung look ko, yung damit, make up," confesses Janno.

Janno is not content on relying on the costumes and props he has for his character. Sometimes he asks for help from his two daughters, who seem to have accepted that their father plays colorful and gay roles on television.

“Umuuwi ako nang naka-make up and my kids even, sa totoo lang, tinutulungan pa nila akong magdamit. Minsan nanghihiram pa ako ng damit sa kanila, ng accessories," shares Janno.

Daddy Janno

A father to two beautiful girls, almost eighteen year-old Alyssa and nine year old Gabriella, we asked Janno how he is as a dad since, on-screen, he gives the impression of a happy go-lucky chap.

“I still help with my kids’ homework. I still play with them. Yung bunso ko, kahit malaki na, minsan pinapatulog ko pa rin." Far from what he projects on-screen, Janno is indeed a doting father and puts his family at the top of his list and priorities.

“I just always want to know where they are, na safe sila, yung hindi sila masasaktan" Spoken like a true dad.

Janno the Celebrity

No doubt a lot of new stars would like to be as famous and successful as Janno Gibbs. He has numerous fan clubs to boast of but he confessed that he has not completely digested the idea that he is a big star. His status as a celebrity has not sunk in despite the number of fans and accolades he has received or the many years he has under his belt.

“Hanggang ngayon I still get amazed. Hindi kasi pumapasok sa isip ko yan eh—yung pagiging celebrity. I always think of myself as an artist lang, as a singer, as a performer, ganun lang. I never think of myself as a celebrity, so when I do shows, mall tours, yung for albums, mga concerts, nagugulat pa rin ako na may nagpapapicture, nagpapaauthograph, may mga love letters na binibigay, nagugulat pa rin ako, natutuwa pa rin ako. Thank you."

We are sure we would have found more sides of Janno Gibbs if we had had more time to talk with him. He is a mystery waiting to be discovered, appreciated, and cherished for what he really is. More for next time maybe? - iGMA
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