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Uuwi na si Udong

April 28, 2007 10:16pm
“Uuwi na si Udong", an internationally acclaimed story on children caught in an endless cycle of debt repayment, airs this Saturday night on Sine Totoo.

Hosted and written by Kara David and produced by Lloyd Navera, with breathtaking videography by Kikoy Rapadas, “Uuwi" was a finalist at the 2007 New York Festivals for television and film.

The documentary – which first aired on I-Witness – tells the story of Udong, a 10-year old who travels every year by sea from Aklan to a sugarcane plantation in Batangas to help pay off his family’s debt.

As little as he is, Udong works alongside the adult sugar workers… cutting rows of sugarcane with a sharp knife. Because he has never known school, Udong dreams only of taking on the burden of his aging sakada father.

But even after months of working, Udong and his brothers and father barely reduce their debt and again have to borrow to survive the months until the next harvest. Until the debt is repaid, Udong may never truly be able to return home.

In an interview with Sine Totoo’s Howie Severino, Kara David shares why she has a soft spot for stories on children. She explains how she found Udong's story and gives an update on what happened to the boy after the documentary aired for the first time.

Sine Totoo provides another unforgettable TV viewing experience with “Uuwi na si Udong", this Saturday night at 11:45 pm over GMA-7.
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