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Why did Bottega Veneta delete all their social media accounts?

By Racquel Quieta

Luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta has just surprised and confused everyone by suddenly disappearing on several social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Bottega Veneta's now empty Facebook page / Source: facebook

It's only January, but already 2021 is proving to be a year of surprises, especially in the world of fashion.

During the early part of the month, we were pleasantly surprised by the new fashion collabs of Gucci featuring the well-loved character Doraemon and Loewe's capsule collection inspired by the iconic animated film 'My Neighbor Totoro.'

Now, as we are halfway through January, we were greeted with puzzling news about the disappearance of Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta on their socials.

And without any notice or announcement about their abrupt exit, the Kering-owned luxury brand has left many speculating about the real reason for their unexpected decision.

Social media, underperforming?

Everyone knows that social media, especially Instagram, has become an important platform when it comes to promoting goods and services, especially luxury items.

However, Forbes reports that in a recent survey, the effectiveness ratings given by luxury companies to social media platforms are not that high.

Below is the percentage of luxury companies that gave each social media platform a “very effective” rating:

Instagram - 30%

Facebook - 16 %

Pinterest - 9%

YouTube - 8%

This means that even though you have many eyes looking at your brand, that doesn't necessarily translate into revenue.

And this is probably why Bottega Veneta deemed it wise to redirect the usual budget used for digital promotions to other creative ventures that could produce more favorable results.

A billboard of Bottega Veneta at Piazza Cordusio, Milan / Source: newbottega (IG)

Publicity stunt?

Bottega Veneta was among the top brands in a Vogue article about what sold in 2020. Plus, their official website is still up and running and they're even hiring people to join their team. So, brand closure is out of the question.

This leads many to speculate that their surprise disappearance from social media platforms is just a part of a mysterious marketing ploy to lay the groundwork for the release of their new collection.

Bottega Veneta Curve mules and the Snap bag / Source: newbottega (IG)

Redefining luxury?

Bottega Veneta creative director Daniel Lee himself has no Instagram account and has previously expressed his dislike for all the hullabaloo on the internet.

Lee said in an interview with Cultured Magazine, “I don't think much of the digital presentations. They felt empty and took so much effort in such emotionally turbulent times, yet in the end, the concepts lacked depth.”

He adds, “Everyone seeing the same things is not healthy or productive. It doesn't breed individuality.”

With this mindset, it's highly likely that Lee and the rest of the team behind Bottega Veneta are transforming the way they market their brand and speak to their consumers.

Their social media absence is probably a way to bring back the true essence of being a luxury brand. After all, true luxury is supposed to be limited or accessible only to a few.

So, is this the real reason behind their shocking decision? Only Bottega Veneta truly knows. Until they release an official statement, all we could do is guess.

Will this be a new trend in marketing luxury brands? Will other fashion houses follow suit? We shall soon find out.

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