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Instagram nears 50 million downloads

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram continued its hot streak this week, and is nearing the 50-million in terms of the number of its users, a tech site reported Wednesday.
The Next Web reported Instagram for Android had hit 10 million downloads in the 22 days it was made available on the Google Play marketplace.
"Downloads of Instagram’s Android application continue to grow at an impressive rate, today hitting 10 million downloads on the Google Play Marketplace, just 22 days after it launched on the platform," it said.
Instagram currently has more than 47 million users though not all are active, The Next Web added.
Before being made available for Android, Instagram was initially available for users of Apple's iOS devices.
The Next Web noted Instagram had a relatively quiet period after its Android launch, but gained major attention after Facebook bought it for $1 billion.
"The company is looking at hitting 50 million users on all platforms after reaching the 40 million mark just under two weeks ago," The Next Web said.
It noted Instagram for Android reached one million downloads in under 24 hours, and gained another four million downloads in the next five days.
By its sixth day, it had surpassed the five-million mark.
"Android users had been waiting a long time for the photo-sharing app to launch on the platform, and even when the company launched its pre-registration process, Android smartphone owners rushed to be a part of it. When it opened pre-registration for its Android variant on March 24, it attracted 430,000 pre-registration signups in the following days," it added. — TJD, GMA News