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Sotto nephew threatens critic on Facebook

After Senator Tito Sotto cried foul over being bullied on the Internet, his nephew may have ended up himself bullying someone on Facebook in an attempt to defend his uncle’s good name. 
Stephen Michael Bacosa, Sotto's nephew through his wife Helen Gamboa, sent a private message to a certain Adrian Arcega, saying: "Pare dahan dahan lang sa pambabastos mo sa uncle ko ha? kilala kita. ka batch ka ng utol ko!! kung cyber bully ka, ako BULLY sa real world at alam nyo yan."
Arcega replied: "How 'exactly' ako nambastos? Don't forget, I (and the rest of the people) am your uncle's boss. Whether I'm right or wrong, it comes with the territory." 
The screencap of these messages is currently making the rounds on Facebook. 
Arcega, a musician and TV show director, believes that his posts last Sunday, most of which were reposts, were probably what provoked Bacosa into making these threats. One of the posts was a Facebook note about the Cybercrime Law. 
Arcega and Bacosa are not "friends" on Facebook but Arcega is a "friend" of one of Bacosa’s family members. Arcega declined to name the family member out of respect for his friend who has remained silent and respectful about the issue. This indirect connection allowed Bacosa to see Arcega’s posts about Senator Sotto and the Cybercrime law. 
Arcega told GMA News Online that he hopes calm and sobriety will set in as the Cybercrime Law is debated.
Online whipping boy
Sotto first received flak on the Internet over allegations that he plagiarized the speech he delivered on the Senate floor during deliberations on the Reproductive Health Bill. He was alleged to have copied portions of his speech from a US-based blogger.
He was also accused of plagiarizing a speech of former US Senator Robert Kennedy, which he delivered in Filpino. He denied all accusations. 
With the passing of the controversial Cybercrime Bill, Sotto received more criticisms from netizens after it was alleged that it was he who made the last-minute insertions on online libel. He said the online defamation that has been posted on sites like YouTube prompted him to propose the inclusion of libel as an offense covered by the law.
He challenged his critics to question the law before the court and not to use the Internet to destroy other people's reputations. — DVM, GMA News