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Back off #Amalayer, Anonymous PHL tells netizens

The viral video of LRT passenger and #amalayer girl Paula Jamie Salvosa berating security guard Sharon Mae Casinas may be fair game for online ridicule, but netizens have been warned not to overdo it —such as by dragging her loved ones into the matter, or making death threats against her. 
The reminder came Thursday from the hacker collective Anonymous Pilipinas, which reasoned that public pressure on Salvosa should come within reasonable limits.
In later tweets, it reminded netizens not to let the heckling get out of hand.
The video in which Salvosa was seen berating Casinas went viral on social networking sites and became an instant trending topic.
It bore the hashtag #AMALAYER, which came from Salvosa's pronunciation of "I'm a liar."
In an interview on "24 Oras" Wednesday night, Salvosa said she is willing to resolve the issue with Casinas, but insisted Casinas was the one who raised her voice initially.
Salvosa claimed that Casinas even grabbed her arm, adding that she would not have shouted —and got filmed in the process— if the guard had treated her well.
Casinas, on her part, said she had only asked Salvosa to put her bag through the X-ray machine for inspection when the latter raised her voice. — TJD, GMA News