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New video of Baron Geisler in another fight

Actor Baron Geisler seeminglu once again got involved in a brawl, this time at a bar in Quezon City.

A video posted in Facebook by one Medmessiah CombatBoi, shows a disheveled Baron on the receiving end of an unexpected punch.



Medmessiah pinned the location of the incident at Tomato Kick, a small bar in Tomas Morato.

The video started with Baron and an unidentified man tentatively shaking hands as the rest of the bar looked on. The other man suddenly threw a punch and started shouting and cursing.

Baron was restrained before he could retaliate as the assailant was dragged out of the room.

"Yung sa akin lang, pare, dinisrespect niya yung...kaaway niya kanina," Baron was heard saying after the scuffle, hinting that the trouble had brewed early on.

The brawl happened Thursday night during a concert fundraiser for Maricon Montajes, Medmessiah told GMA News.

This is the second physical incident that Baron has been involved in this month.

The loose-fisted actor was caught on video apparently assaulting a University of the Philippines student filmmaker. The two camps have since made peace.

He had been detained in the past for being involved in fights. —Jessica Bartolome/JST, GMA News

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