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Boy has focal seizure, maybe due to excessive gadget use


Prolonged use of gadgets could have caused the focal seizure of six-year-old John Nathan Lising.

A 24 Oras report by Cecil Villarosa showed how John Nathan could not control the blinking of his eyes and the movement of his lips.

Edgar Lising, the boy's father, posted on his Facebook account that his son has been suffering from focal seizure due to excessive use of gadgets.

"Lord pagalingin niyo po na po anak ko. Please help us to pray for the fast recovery of my son, he's suffering from focal seizure caused by excessive gadgets," Lising said.

The family rushed John Nathan to Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital where he underwent CT scan and electroencephalogram (EEG). The tests turned out normal.

The family asked his doctor if the condition of the boy can be connected to his usage of gadgets.

The doctor advised John Nathan's parents to prohibit him from using gadgets as the light may have caused the focal seizure.

John Nathan was confined for two days before he was discharged from the hospital on July 28 to continue to recover at home.

Edgar thanked everyone who had prayed for his son. —Anna Felicia Bajo/JST, GMA News