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The lowly tabo goes viral as the…bath dipper

Thanks to the water crisis, our beloved tabo is getting all the love and attention it deserves.

Over the weekend, Japanese brand Muji introduced the tabo as the bath dipper. But oh, it’s “not your ordinary bath dipper,” Muji says in its post.

“Aside from its clean and simple design, the angle of its handle is designed to make it easier to scoop water with less weight on hand,” it continued.

And then it served the punch line: It costs P365. Of course, Filipinos were amused. We all know our tabo costs less than P50.

But here's where it gets interesting: A local brand saw opportunity and joined the fun.

Orocan on its Facebook page posted a photo of a white tabo with coins inside.

“Comes with FREE P33.25 na barya sa loob since P34.75 SRP lang ang price ng extraordinary dipper,” a portion of its lowkey funny caption read.

Needless to say that too went viral, currently enjoying no less than 5,000 shares as of writing.

All this to say: Filipino Internet, we love you! — LA, GMA News