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Pinoy artist reimagines Disney characters as Filipinos in traditional clothes

What if Disney characters were Filipino?

Incoming fine arts student Cedrhick Fajardo, 17, redrew scenes from classic Disney films to show what the well-loved prince and princesses would look like wearing traditional Filipino clothing.

"As a folk dancer who loves our culture and traditions, and also a Disney lover at the same time, 'yung pagmamahal ko sa kultura natin 'yung nag-inspire sa akin to do this project," he told GMA News Online.

Cedrhick not only switched the characters' clothes to Filipinianas and barongs, he also changed their hair color to shades of brown and black.

The artist had posted his designs on Facebook, receiving praise and applause from over 14,000 netizens, as of posting.

—JCB, GMA News