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Ostrich let loose in QC subdivision seen captured

After wreaking havoc in a private subdivision in Quezon City (and everywhere in the internet), an escaped ostrich has seemingly been apprehended.

Netizen Gorgeous Umipig shared a photo of the ostrich being held down by a group of security guards, construction workers, and residents.


Around 10 men were huddled around the animal, as seen in the photo.

However, Umipig said that she spotted two ostriches running loose, and while one was captured, the other had run off.

She also said that she's not a hundred percent sure that the capture was indeed successful.

This morning, an ostrich running around the private subdivision captivated Pinoy netizens, who were amused by the uncommon sight.

It is still unclear where the escaped animals came from.

—JCB, GMA News

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