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'2NE1' trends on Twitter after policeman shoots unarmed mother and son in Tarlac

The Korean girl group "2NE1" trended on Twitter on Monday morning after a video of a policeman shooting an unarmed mother and son in Tarlac went viral.

If you're wondering what the K-Pop group has to do with a crime that happened in the Philippines, here's what.

In the viral video, Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca was seen shooting an unarmed mother and son, Sonya Rufino Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregoria, in Barangay Cabayaosan in Paniqui, Tarlac.

An initial investigation showed that Nuezca and the victims had an altercation regarding right of way, before the shooting incident transpired.

Sonya was seen in the video hugging Frank Anthony in an attempt to stop the latter from facing the policeman.

According to the police, Nuezca went to the house of the mother and son after hearing an explosion caused by a "boga," an improvised cannon made of PVC pipes usually used during New Year celebrations.

Reports said Frank Anthony was allegedly drunk when the conversation happened.

Moments before Nuezca shot Sonya and Frank, the viral video showed Nuezca's daughter shouting at the victims, saying "My father is a policeman."

Sonya then answered, shouting back lyrics of the 2NE1 song "I don't care" before Nuezca was seen shooting the mother and son twice in the head.

On Twitter, netizens were heart broken over the incident and pointed out how they won't be able to look the song the same way again. 2NE1 trended on Twitter with over 34,000 tweets as of writing.











Along with #StopTheKillingsPH, #MyFatherIsAPoliceman also trended on Philippine Twitter with over 140,000 tweets.

Nuezca, who is assigned in Parañaque City, has already surrendered to authorities, minutes after the shooting incident on Sunday afternoon.

He is presently under the custody of Paniqui Police Station and is facing double murder charges. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News