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David Licauco's old tweets about Rizal resurface, reveal he's just the same as Klay

Fans of "Maria Clara at Ibarra" are cackling after David Licauco's old tweets about Dr. Jose Rizal resurfaced, revealing that he and Klay have much in common after all!

In a pair of tweets almost 10 years ago, David complained about his Rizal subject, just as Barbie Forteza's character, Klay, did in the beginning of "Maria Clara at Ibarra."

"Hassle joseriz.. What do we care about Jose Rizal's girls and vices!" he wrote.

"Studying Jose Rizal's life for tom's finals. Ano makukuha ko dito," he added.

Team FiLay fans are highly amused with his tweets and even used it to poke fun on the theories surrounding the origins of David's character Fidel.

There is no Fidel in "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo," so some fans think that perhaps he also came from the real world, just like Klay.

With David himself questioning the Rizal subject when he was a student, fans quipped that Fidel could have gotten isekai'd like his beloved binibini.

In the latest episode of "Maria Clara at Ibarra," Klay revealed that she has her own theories on who Fidel really is.

The series has been extended, so we will certainly know more about Fidel's true origins in the coming episodes.

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—MGP, GMA Integrated News