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Student gets plus points for unique take on 'No Erasure Policy'

A Grade Four student's unique interpretation of her teacher's "No Erasure Policy" on exams has amused netizens, according to the report of Joseph Morong on "State of the Nation."

Natalie Abbott of Francisco Henson Elementary School in Porac, Pampanga handed her teacher her test paper with a hole in one of her answers.

She explained when asked about the hole, "Kasi bawal 'yung bura. Pinunit ko na lang, para magka 50 points."

(I tore off (a part of the paper) so I can have 50 points, because erasures are not allowed.)

Teacher Irene Alvarado, who is also known as "Maestra," has imposed a "No Erasure Policy" as a tool to instill discipline and curtail cheating among students.

She was impressed with Natalie's quick thinking and was honest about her action. However, she also advised the student to avoid doing the same in future tests. -- BAP, GMA Integrated News