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Two more books about love, for the hopeful and the forlorn

The authors at the recent launch of the two books. Photo and book cover images: Summit Media

Valentine's Day is over, but love doesn't just pack up and leave after and neither do all the #feels. Try as you might, there's little you can do to resist going back to the arms of love. If you're done denying that you want more of that special feeling, "Candy Feels" and "In Case You Come Back" are waiting for you on bookstore shelves.

"Candy Feels" includes stories of love and loss from BP Valenzuela, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Kai Honasan, Saab Magalona-Bacarro, and Antoinette Jadaone, among others. For her part, Curtis-Smith writes to her past self, sending words of encouragement to who she once was.

"In Case You Come Back" offers a collection of "poems, confessions, apologies, and promises" by Summit Books editor-in-chief Marla Miniana and Reese Lansangan. Lansangan, a multimedia artist and musician, is the woman behind Vic and Pauleen Sotto's wedding song, "Home."


Whether you're love sick or sick of love, these books can keep you company for the remainder of the month of beating, bleeding hearts. — Aya Tantiangco/BM, GMA News