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Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool in short film ‘No Good Deed’

While "Logan" is busy popping claws and becoming a certified worldwide box office hit after its first weekend in theaters, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is busy making some buzz himself in the form of a secret "Deadpool" short film that was released in theaters and played just before Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine film.

Now making its way officially online, the nearly 4-minute adventure called “No Good Deed” sees Reynolds back as Wade Wilson, who happens to come across a mugging and speeds off to a phone booth to save the day “Superman style”… But things don’t turn out as heroic as expected to be.

Originally released only in US theaters, the short has now officially made its way online via Ryan Reynolds' YouTube account.

The success of "Deadpool" last year proved that an R-rated film can still make big bucks—an honor that "Logan" now shares, with its graphic content and language allowing a better Wolverine story to be told.

With Tim Miller not returning to direct the Deadpool sequel, David Leitch has stepped up—and is in fact the director of the “No Good Deed” short (keep an eye out for Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee in a hilarious cameo.)

Shooting for "Deadpool 2" is expected to begin in June and will run through September. The sequel is expected to hit theaters in 2018. — BM, GMA News