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Heart launches jewelry collab featuring artworks from her 'In Full Bloom' collection

Heart Evangelista just launched a jewelry collaboration with Royal Gem, which she dedicates to modern muses all over the world.

"I wanted to dedicate it to all the women because I want everyone to relate to it and use it 'di ba?" Heart told the press at the Tuesday launch of "Royal Gem x Love Marie Jewelry Collection: The Modern Muse."

Heart put pieces of her artworks from her "In Full Bloom" collection into two jewelry selections, the Cameo and the Italian Gold.

The Cameo pendants feature Heart’s paintings on carefully selected hand-carved Queen Helmet conch shell, while the Italian Gold pendants feature her artworks fixated on enamel jewelry outlined with Italian gold.

The pendants can be used in bracelets and necklaces.

Heart thinks whoever buys the jewelry "can have different interpretations of the paintings and relate to them in our own ways, which makes it all the more sentimental and meaningful.”

She said each painting on the pendant has a story. Her favorite piece, the Muted Euphoria from the Cameo pendants, features a teardrop shape to represent tears of joy.

"This painting is actually really special. It's one of my smallest paintings but I was going through a lot of depression and anxiety [at that time]. But the painting originally has a lot of colors so it kind of says how very hopeful and how very happy I was despite the circumstances," Heart said.

The Kapuso Queen of Creative Collaborations said she considers herself as a modern woman because she thinks she belongs to a modern family.

"I've always belonged to a modern family — my parents and my marriage," Heart said.

"I'm very happy girl, I'm a go-getter, I'm career-oriented. I work hard, my career is always a priority aside from having a family so I feel that makes me modern. I mean I do love women that sacrifice for their family but I also believe in dreaming with my family." — LA, GMA News