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Pinoy artist in Davao uses squid ink to paint artworks

We've heard about coffee art, but have you heard of squid ink art?

A Pinoy artist in Davao proved just how resourceful a person can be, as he uses squid ink to paint his artworks.

According to painter Marvin Lorzano TIberio, people would just usually throw out squid ink, not knowing that it can actually be used for paint since it was a "strong dye."

Posting on his Facebook page "SWID" Wednesday, he wrote, "Don't just quit painting because you can't afford to buy paints and inks."

If squid ink isn't available for some artists, Marvin recommended that they use colorant plants, saw dust, tree bark, soil, house charcoal and even mud.

"Organic pa," he said.

He added that if artists also couldn't afford brushes, they can always just use toothbrushes, fingers, comb, and even crumbled papers.

"Cheer up mga ka-sining! artists are creative and resourceful," he added.

— Kaela Malig/LA, GMA News