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New Bilibid inmates rock the jailhouse with Rivermaya dance video

In 2007, the Cebu dancing inmates shot to viral fame when a video of them busting moves to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was shared ad infinitum on Youtube. Last year, they did it again when they jumped on the "Gangnam Style" bandwagon
Their bright orange uniforms, catchy song choices, and unabashed execution of the dance moves have catapulted their video views to the millions, but more than that, told the world that life doesn't end in prison.  
Not to be outdone, the medium-security inmates of New Bilibid Prison have since gotten their groove on,this time hitting the dancefloor to Rivermaya's inspirational, uplifting "Liwanag sa Dilim." The video was uploaded on Youtube last December and the Rivermaya classic is the inmates' favorite song.
The video is produced by prison service organization Baliklaya and is decidedly more dramatic, more put together as a choreographed number than the previous dancing inmate clips we've seen. It features not only dancing, but also intimate shots of the inmates in their cells and life around the prison. This serves to close the gap between the viewers on the outside and those within the Big House.
Even the song choice itself is interesting in that it veers away from novelty, opting for a message of hope, confrontation, and letting your dim light shine.
The video has yet to reach a million views, but it has so far caught the attention of prominent personalities, including actress Maxene Magalona, social advocate Gang Badoy, athlete Kiefer Ravena, and designer Rajo Laurel. 
The video description reads: "The human spirit never loses its brilliance no matter what challenges it encounters. In the face of darkness, it shines even brighter with its light igniting the light of others," 
It also stated: "'Liwanag sa Dilim' (roughly translated in English as "Light in the Dark") is a creative representation of the daily life of inmates in the New Bilibid Prison. With it, we see how one prisoner's optimistic outlook in life can spark change in all areas of Bilibid." – Amanda Lago / KDM, GMA News