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Special Ad Feature: Champion pays tribute to mother saving lives through breast milk bank

Every mother is her child’s hero but one mother who strives to save the lives of other women’s children is a champion beyond her motherhood.

In its belief in the value of being “tapat” or faithful to its consumers, Champion pays tribute to exemplary individuals and groups of people who can serve as an inspiration to Filipinos. The Champion Tapat Dapat Update showcases how their faith and commitment to their advocacies have brought about a positive impact on their lives and those of the people around them.

In the ninth episode of the Tapat Dapat Update, Champion features the story of Rosanna Henares-Angeles, the founder of the Angels Breastmilk Bank for the Premature, which provides free breast milk to mothers who cannot produce enough for their premature babies.

Rosanna herself prematurely delivered her first child, Uno. Her doctor’s only advice to save Uno’s life was for Rosanna to feed him breast milk. When she could not produce enough breast milk, through her network of friends, Rosanna was able to get in touch with mothers who had more than enough breast milk for their children. Rosanna received an overwhelming number of donors, and eventually introduced them to other mothers she met in the hospital who were also looking for breast milk for their babies. Since then, Rosanna has been bridging mothers who need breast milk to save their own children, and mothers who have breast milk to give to save others’ children.

Rosanna continues her advocacy because of her belief in the power of breast milk and, more importantly, the power of mothers who have the ability to save the lives of children, not just their own.

To learn more about Rosanna’s story, watch the ninth episode of Champion’s Tapat Dapat Update, which will air on GMA News TV starting June 1.