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Catriona Gray talks about her insecurities: ‘I wanted to shrink into normalness’

Catriona Gray is a force to reckon win. She's a determined woman and her hard work has produced results. She had a productive reign as Miss World Philippines 2016 and after just a year of rest, she returned to the stage and won the Miss Universe Philippines crown. 

But she didn't always feel very regal — or even pretty. Catriona told GMA News Online in an interview Wednesday that when she was younger, she felt absolutely awkward in her skin. 

At age 12, the beauty queen was already 5'8" tall when and it made her feel out of place. Not only was she taller than all of her classmates, she was taller than the teacher! Adding to that, she wore braces and her skin was terrible. 

"I just felt kind of awkward. I didn't want to be seen. I just wanted to shrink into normalness," Catriona shared. 


Now that she's older, Catriona said that she's more than comfortable with her height.

"It turns out, it's really handy pala!" she said, "Of course, when you're a child, you don't really see that kind of thing."

Whatever it is that you're feeling awkward about now could be your strength in the future, Catriona continued. Embrace it and use it to your advantage! 

Catriona will be representing the Philippines in the 67th Miss Universe pageant, scheduled to be held in Thailand in December. — LA, GMA News

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