Eco-friendly habits to start in the office

The conscious decision to live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult. Anyone can start by making a few simple changes at a time. Going green shouldn’t be confined at one’s home either. It should be extended to the workplace, where most people spend majority of their time. Here are a few easy changes to create an eco-friendly work environment:

Turn off devices that are not in use
Being energy efficient is good for the environment because it helps save natural resources like oil, gas, and coal. In the office, remember to unplug computers, chargers, and other equipment when not in use. Turn off the lights in vacant rooms. Saving electricity does not only help the planet, but also the company’s monthly utility bills.

Look for reusable resources
The best way to reduce trash is to avoid creating them in the first place. Consider using resources that could be used repeatedly, like rechargeable batteries for office gadgets. Look for alternatives to disposable items, such as cloth instead of tissue as a cleaning material for the workstation. If possible, go digital with documents and files to cut back on paper waste.

Avoid single-use containers at lunch
Ordering take-out boxes from the cafeteria might be convenient, but the amount of single-use trash could be avoided by bringing resealable containers and reusable utensils. A tumbler is also a must-have for those who need to buy their coffee before starting the workday.

Grow a desk plant
Having a desk plant not only adds color to the workstation, it also boosts happiness and productivity by 15% according to Australian researchers. Plants can also help filter out the chemicals in the air, which could improve your health. Choose a cubicle-friendly plant that requires little to no sunlight to brighten up your workstation.

Even just one person can start a chain of positive change in the office. Embracing a sustainable workplace doesn't just reduce costs for the company, it’s also beneficial to the employees. According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC), employees who work in LEED-certified green buildings are happier, healthier, and more productive.  LEED, which means Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating in the world.

There are real estate developers who integrate efficiency and sustainability in their building designs to ensure a better working environment. ArthaLand, the foremost green developer in the Philippines, brings to life green properties that aim to elevate the quality of life of its resident homeowners and office tenants.

Last November 27, 2018, ArthaLand launched its brand new campaign, “Business in Harmony,” as a salute to its latest signature project, “Cebu Exchange.”

Located at the gateway of Cebu IT Park in Cebu City, Cebu Exchange is a multi-awarded project envisioned to become the largest single tower business ecosystem in the Philippines. It boasts sustainable office technologies, excellent facilities, green spaces, and diverse retail mix where both businesses and individuals can work in harmony.

Cebu Exchange is poised to become one of the best designed green buildings in the country, set to target a certification under the United States Green Building Council’s LEED program and the Philippine Green Building Council’s Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) certification programs. It uses an efficient power, air, and water system, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced carbon footprint.

ArthaLand’s innovation isn’t only confined to building designs, but to client services as well. The country’s first-ever “Consolidated Leasing Solutions by ArthaLand” guarantees hassle-free leasing services to both buyers and tenants, making everything from negotiation, documentation, and property management seamless and hassle-free.

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