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Sleep easy with the all-new "Kulambo socks"

Sleep does not come easy for people who are used to having a kulambo or mosquito net tied to bed posts.

In the report of Tina Panganiban-Perez on GMA News' 24 Oras, the solution would be using a pair of "kulambo socks" in bed.

Frederic Hilongo opts to keep a rundown mosquito net that he has been using for about 10 years.

"Kinakaskas ko siya sa paa ko," he said, adding "Di ako nakakatulog kapag wala siya."

Hilongo is so attached to his kulambo, which he has been used to since he was 6 years old, that he brings it along even during travels.

Now that he is 36 years old, he cuts out a part of the net and place them inside his socks when he sleeps.

"Hindi bale nang mawala asawa, huwag lang kulambo," said Hilongo.

An option has been raised for people like Hilongo, a new innovation that one could do away with packing an entire mosquito net, the "kulambo socks."

"Okay na. Kahit saan, pwede ko siyang dalhin," he said after putting on the socks.

The "kulambo socks" is made by online seller Monica Bianca, who herself is used to sleeping with a mosquito net.

"Parang naisip ko na why not, magbenta ako ng kulambo socks since marami akong kilalang friends and mga college classmates before na gumagamit ng kulambo socks na hinti talagh makatulog," said Bianca.

The "kulambo socks" is made from mosquito net cut into the shape of a sock that comes in one size and sold in different colors.