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The origins of the expression 'amp' can be traced to this online game

Many Filipinos use "amp" as a shorter version of "anak ng puta" (son of a bitch), or simply "amputa" (the bitch).

Some netizens, however, argue that it actually stands for "ain't my problem."

So which is it?

As far as Eloi Hernandez, a professor of Art History at the University of the Philippines, is concerned, "amp" is short for "anak ng puta" indeed, and it emerged among the Philippine Ragnarok Online community some time in 2003.

"Players used it either as a curse word or as interjection," Hernandez told GMA News Online.

For instance, "Amp ka! Bakit mo ni-lure yung monster dito? (Son of a bitch, why did you lure the monster here?)"

It even has several variations such as "amf," "ampness," "amfootz," and "amfufu."

For those who don't know, Ragnarok Online is what you call the massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) which has garnered immense popularity in the Philippines since it was introduced in 2003.


The player enters a virtual arena where one can choose from a myriad selection of classes and perform different tasks like defeating monsters, going on quests, engaging in battles for territory, and competing for prizes and awards.

Ragnarok Online also has many interactive features like chat rooms, parties and guilds, which makes it a very social game.

In 2005, Hernandez, who is a gamer at heart, did a survey among Filipino gamers as part of her research on the Ragnarok Online and how it has influenced contemporary Philippine Culture.

She found that the game's chat function actually gave rise to several terms that have become popular in the Philippines, and these include "amp" (son of a bitch), “danda” (beautiful), “wafu” (handsome) and many more.

"Since they are playing while chatting, shorter words are preferable," Hernandez said.

"Gamers used these words in their chat groups (outside of the game) and in real life. It spread to other games, as well as Friendster and Yahoo Messenger. People still use [amp] now to mean amputa," she added.

In the real world, spewing words at one another like "anak ng puta" can get you in a lot of trouble, but the chat box of an online game is a different story.

It won't matter if the chat box doesn't make sense to everybody — true players who know the game will surely get the message. —JCB, GMA News