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Russian-American child speaks Tagalog thanks to Pinay caregiver

A Russian-American child has learned to speak Tagalog with the help of his Filipina caregiver.

In Mav Gonzales' report on "24 Oras Weekend," Sunday, five-year-old Nicholas is seen speaking Tagalog and talking to Jobel Bautista, who has cared for him since he was a baby.

"I asked his parents if it's okay to teach and for him to speak in Tagalog and they're okay with it," Jobel said in a mix of English and Filipino.

According to the report, Nicholas doesn't speak Russian but when it comes to counting and singing in the Philippine language, he's super game!

Even his favorite food, adobo, is super Filipino. He also knows how to use the words "po" and "opo."

"I remind him. When he asks for something like food, I tell him, 'What will you say?' He answers with 'Salamat po [Thank you],'" Jobel said.

Recently, an American also wowed everyone when he spoke Tagalog to a Filipino who was asking for directions.

—Franchesca Viernes/MGP, GMA News

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