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Sandara Park introduces Filipino food to GOT7's BamBam in latest vlog

Sandara Park’s DARALOG vlog series is back, and she posted the much-awaited vlog about her recent trip to her second home, the Philippines!

Back in July, the K-Pop legend made a surprise visit to support GOT7’s BamBam who was in town for fansign events and the 2022 K-Pop Masterz in Manila concert.

“BamBam is going to the Philippines? Then I should be there!” she said in the vlog’s intro, which is titled, “DARA Disciplining GenZ in the Philippines VLOG with BamBam.”

In the next clip, Dara said that she promised to treat BamBam to dinner and introduce him to Filipino food.

Dara brought him to her “favorite place,” Gerry’s Grill. BamBam enjoyed sinigang which is Sandara’s favorite. She also personally seasoned and mixed sisig for BamBam.

After their fun conversations about Filipino food, Dara got ready for her spontaneous performance with BamBam at the K-Pop Masterz.

“I came here to see my bro perform, so I tried to dress up nicely. This is the most formal outfit out of all the clothes I own,” Dara said as she showed her black mini dress. “I brought mostly bikinis this time. I really had nothing to wear.”

After taking the stage, Sandara said on the vlog, “BamBam’s performance is over. Thanks to him, I got to be on stage after a long time to meet my fans.

“I thought the stage is where I need to be. Thank you so much, BamBam.” —Nika Roque/JCB, GMA News