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Rosmar Tan, Rendon Labador, Team Malakas declared persona non-grata in entire Palawan province

Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador were officially declared persona non-grata by the local government of Palawan.

The resolution submitted by all of the members of the Palawan Provincial Council declaring the social media personalities and the Team Malakas as persona non-grata in the entire Palawan province was immediately approved on the first and final reading.

According to Palawan 1st District board member Juan Antonio Alvarez, the Municipality of Coron and its citizens have been insulted by Rosmar and Rendon.

Team Malakas visited Coron for an outreach, but mayor's office staff Jho Cayabyab Trinidad alleged in a social media post that they "used" the people of Coron for their vlog.

Labador and Tan's group then had a heated argument with Trinidad in the mayor's office.

Alvarez said that while Trinidad's complaint on Facebook might be wrong, it was still a personal post and not an official statement from the municipality.

He said that the group's reaction was too much and that they must be taught a lesson. He also said that their act of helping by distributing aid does not give them the right to shame Coron residents.

On Tuesday morning, the group issued an apology after Coron's municipal council member John Patrick Reyes shared a draft of the resolution declaring them persona non-grata in Coron.

According to the drafted resolution, Labador's actions were "disrespectful, inappropriate, and a blatant disregard for proper decorum," while Tan caused "undue distress and embarrassment to the mayor's staff and were seen as reflecting negatively on the office she represents."

—Ruth Rodriguez/MGP, GMA Integrated News