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For Dr. Vicki Belo, theirs is a modern family with traditional values

Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo said she believes she has a modern family guided by traditional values.

"I think it’s a really, really modern family. After all I’m 23 years older than Hayden and we have a child created by surrogacy. Scarlet carries my family name because I asked him for that," Vicki told GMA News Online in an interview on Sunday at the advance screening of "The Lion King."


Dr. Vicki said she particularly asked Hayden for Scarlet to carry her surname so she can be the one to take over Belo Medical Group.

"I pray that Scarlet will become a dermatologist to continue Belo Medical Group so she has to be a Belo," she added.

Despite believing they are a modern family, Vicki said they have traditional values.

"But we are traditional in the sense we have traditional values, we’re very old fashioned. Very Christian our values, everything in the bible we try to follow," she said. "So it’s a combination but we’re very adventurous, we’re always travelling so I guess it’s modern and traditional."

Whether their family is modern, traditional or a mix of both, what matters to Vicki is for Scarlet to grow up with good values.

"My biggest concern is for Scarlet to grow up and have good values and be a good person and I really believe God put every single person here for a purpose and I think you can only be happy if you find what that purpose is," she said. — LA, GMA News