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Andi Eigenmann gives birth to baby girl

Andi Eigenmann is now a proud momma of two!

The actress has given birth to her second daughter.

Andi's partner and the father of her second child, Philmar Alipayo, shared a photo of him cradling the baby in his Instagram Stories.


He also shared a video of Andi recovering in the hospital as her firstborn Ellie flitted around the room.


While the couple has not yet announced the name of their baby, they earlier revealed during a gender reveal party that they will be having a girl.

Andi made no secret of her excitement over becoming a mother of two.

She has earlier said that she hoped that the birth will go "as natural as possible," but said her main priority was to "go through the best (safest) way to deliver baby into this world."

"Getting back into my daily habits of living healthy and clean ASAP is enough motivation specially because this time I will be having a new little ray of sunshine to raise and nurture," she said in a post.

"I am still scared and nervous, but also very excited to officially be a mom of 2 very soon!" she added.

—JCB, GMA News