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Mary Pacquiao pulls 'I have a boyfriend' prank on dad Manny

Mary Pacquiao pulled a classic prank on her dad Senator Manny Pacquiao, pretending to have a boyfriend and conniving with mom Jinkee. 

In Mary's latest vlog entry, Jinkee told Manny that their eldest daughter already has a boyfriend whom she met in her school.

"Her classmate texted me that she has a boyfriend," Jinkee told Manny.

To which Manny responded, "May boyfriend ka?... Ha?... Kailan?"

Mary explained that her boyfriend was her classmate and that they had been together since last year.

It took Mary a couple of minutes before admitting it was only a prank.

When Manny asked for her boyfriend's name, Mary responded with "his name is prank!" and immediately hugged her dad.

Towards the end of the video, Manny said he almost got angry. — Ma. Angelica Garcia/LA, GMA News