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This couple did a video call prenup shoot amid COVID-19 threat

Times indeed are a-changing.

With the COVID-19 threat in the Philippines and social distancing protocols in place, a couple decided to do a video call prenup shoot.

Video call prenup what?

Luminara Photo on Facebook shared a series of pictures of two mobile phone screens that showed the faces of engaged couple Alexis Bryan Labing and Bernadette "Pink" Zamora. It's pretty cool, creative, and says a lot about the times we're living in.

In an interview with GMA News Online, Carlo Pilongo of Luminara Photo said he was inspired by his fellow photographers, who have been doing video chat model portraits.

"One morning I thought, why not do a couple’s session using video chat? I immediately asked my friends if they knew someone willing to do the concept and that's where Bryan and Pink came in," he said.

Carlo said the concept was both "simple and timely since we have to practice social distancing in this pandemic."

He said Bryan and Pink also agreed to do the concept since it was fitting for them as a real-life LDR (long-distance relationship) couple.

Bryan and Pink told GMA News Online that they have been together for 11 years and have been in an LDR since 2017, when Bryan went to Singapore to work as an architect. Pink remained in the Philippines.

The soon-to-be bride said they found Carlo's concept "very inspiring especially during these times where social distancing is highly encouraged."

Carlo, Bryan and Pink had zero contact doing the shoot. Everything was done virtually. 

Pink said that during the shoot she and Bryan couldn't see each other and they would just follow Carlo's cues for the poses.

"Imagine a prenup shoot without seeing your partner. Definitely a fun and memorable experience that we can share with our future kids," she said.

Pink said this concept has truly captured "the very essence of our love story which I think most LDR couples could relate to—where mobile phones play a huge role in bridging the gap, the distance, if I may say."

She said it also portrays a deeper appreciation "for technology because it makes distance bearable, we just have to make use of it to our advantage."

Bryan and Pink are set to get married in the first quarter of 2021 and are planning to have another set of engagement shoots once the enhanced community quarantine is lifted.

Pink said they are planning to close the gap after they get married.

Carlo and the couple said this is their way of giving a message to show positivity and love regardless of what has been happening in the world.

"[W]e wanted to share the message that we can always choose to  be positive regardless of the situation. That we should not be consumed by the negativity brought about by the pandemic and instead channel our energies into something worthwhile," Pink said.

"Despite all of what's happening we can still have ways to support, show love, and care for others especially our loved ones. After all, love is immune," Carlo said.

How cool, no? — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA/BM, GMA News