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Student creates heartwarming illustrations on how love story began with adapter

No love life? No problem!

A Pinay college student has shared how her love story with her boyfriend blossomed with the help of a misplaced adapter.

To celebrate their first anniversary on May 30,  Ryeanne Alaon drew comic illustrations that showed how their story started.

According to Ryeanne, it all started when they joined the same dance group.

They never talked to each other for two months, until her future boyfriend accidentally brought home her adapter.

With no other choice, the two had to talk so he could return the adapter to Ryeanne.

However, one conversation led to another and they soon became closer.

From spending a lot of time together to comforting each other as the other cried, the two were on the path of becoming more than friends.

Ryeanne shared that a trip to the beach was their breaking point.

They rode side by side on a bus going to the province, but because she was overwhelmed with fear that she was just imagining that her friend had feelings for her, Ryeanne admitted she grew distant during the trip.

This was until her friend asked her if they could walk along the beach and talk.

The next thing Ryeanne knew, her friend was confessing that he liked her. She told him that she liked him back.

Since the two rode the bus back home with their hands intertwined, their relationship has never been the same since.

“Adapter is the key,” Ryeanne concluded.  – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News