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3 ways to strengthen relationships amid quarantine

From being unable to visit your lola to just watching your friends through the screen, relationships are taking in huge adjustments as the world battles the pandemic.

Although some of us may not be able to get together physically with our loved ones anytime soon, relationship coach Aileen Santos shared tips on how to strengthen and improve our relationships during these trying times.

1. Give each other “me time.”

During an episode of “Better Normal PH,” Aileen shared that people and couples who are quarantined together have the luxury to spend time and get to know each other better.

“Noong nagkaroon ng quarantine mas maraming time ang mga mag-aasawa na magkasama na talagang doon talaga sila sa bahay so it could be a pro dahil mas mayroon silang time together, mag-uusap sila, pag-usapan nila kung ano iyong nangyari,” said Aileen.

However, although couples are able to spend time together 24/7 due to the quarantine, she emphasized the importance of “me time” to strengthen the relationship.

“Mayroon din tinatawag na ‘me time’ na kailangan natin kasi hindi ibig sabihin na porke’t mag-asawa kailangan magkasama na parati at parating nag-uusap,” the relationship coach explained.

“Kasi wala kayong pag-uusapan kung wala kayong growth na sa sarili ninyo, so kailangan talaga may ‘me time.’”

2. Show affection through the other’s love language.

Now that physical touch is out of the equation for the meantime, make sure your loved ones feel your love by expressing it through their love languages.

According to Aileen, even though loved ones and couples can’t visit each other or spend physical time together, there are still ways to respond to each other’s love languages.

If your friend or partner expresses their affection through “quality time” or “words of affirmation,” Aileen suggested scheduling video calls to spend time with each other.

If they’re the “acts of service” type, then it’s best to deliver items to their doorsteps that may help them with what they’re doing during the day.

3. Understand that keeping distance for now is for everyone’s health.

Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Rontgene Solante shared that understanding that we should keep our distance for now amid the pandemic is already a way to show we care.

“Alam natin how the virus can be transmitted and the most important mode of transmission is really close contact and that’s what we want to prevent, ’no, so kailangan lang pang-uunawa at kaunting sakripisiyo sa isa’t-isa,” the doctor said. – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News