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Rachelle Ann Go shares 'heart-fluttering moment' she first saw husband Martin Spies

Love at first sight does exist, at least for married couple Rachelle Ann Go and Martin Spies.

In a vlog posted on her YouTube channel, the singer shared the magical and heart-fluttering moment she met her husband.

Writing her prayers in a journal during her flight to New York, Rachelle said that she felt the sudden urge to pray to God for her future husband and even wrote down very specific characteristics.

"With a good heart and stubbles, sakto talaga," Rachelle said, laughing as she held Martin's face filled with stubbles. "It was so specific na parang it seems impossible... but I was like, anything is possible with God so why not pray for what you want."

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Meanwhile, Martin also prayed for his future wife around the same time in 2017.

"Same time, my bible group was getting together... This year is the year I wanna meet someone, I shared that with them that night, for me to meet my future wife," Martin said.

When Rachelle landed in New York, she met a friend who stood as her second mom and invited her to go to church, the same one Martin attended.

"She mentioned this guy. She was like, 'We have to go. I need to introduce you to this guy. He's pogi. He's godly,'" she said.

Rachelle turned it down, saying that she was only in New York for a few months and wasn't interested in dating anyone just yet.

However, one Sunday, Rachelle visited the church without her friend and saw Martin there.

"Naramdaman ko lang may nakatayo right in the corner napatingin ako, and ito guys, nag-palpitate, there was palpitation na slow-mo talaga," she said.

"This is the guy I'm gonna marry ganoon, talagang 'yun 'yung sinabi ko sa sarili ko," she added.

Unfortunately, Martin didn't see Rachelle the first time she saw him.

The second time she attended church, Rachelle was with her friend who then introduced the two together. Apparently, it was Martin she wanted Rachelle to meet.

"I was wondering, 'Wow, who is this new member of the church coming?' So after that I started asking about you, Googling a little bit. I might have checked Wikipedia," Martin said.

"But at that point I was very interested in figuring out who you are and really kind of figuring out how to get to know you more," he added.

Wanting to know more about Martin, Rachelle also asked a mutual friend about him, who later on played matchmaker and set up a hangout where the two would spend more time together.

Even though there was a blizzard in New York that time, Martin said that he was still pushing everyone to go, hoping Rachelle would be there.

When the event came, the two hit it off and went on their first date before Valentine's Day. By April, the two became official.

The couple, who are currently based in London, tied the knot in 2018. —Kaela Malig/MGP, GMA News