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Roxanne Barcelo is now married: ‘Totoo pala ’yung, ‘when you know, you know’’

Roxanne Barcelo has revealed that she not only got engaged during the pandemic, but also tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony!

In her vlog entry called “Hear Me Out” on Thursday, the actress shared that her partner proposed to her just a few months after the quarantine was implemented.

“I got engaged!” she said. “My partner asked me to marry him and he said he wants to start a family with me. It was such a beautiful moment because he asked me twice,” she added.

“He actually asked me a few months after quarantine pero since naka-lockdown pa noon, all we knew was we were going to get married before the year ends.”

Although the actress didn’t specify when exactly did she and her partner take their vows, Roxanne shared that she just knew he was the right one for her.

“Totoo pala ’yung, ‘when you know, you know.’ I knew from the start na siya ’yung para sa akin,” the actress said. “Like I said in my vlogs, he is worth the wait and so am I.”

Roxanne also took to Instagram to share snapshots of her blissful wedding day.

Sharing photos of herself clad in a beautiful long white gown, the actress wrote: “My Creator’s best gift ever.”

Roxanne also shared how much of a good boyfriend her partner was to her, especially when her mother was stranded at home during Typhoon Ulysses.

“2009 na-Ondoy ’yung bahay ng parents ko. 2020 na-Ulysses,” Roxanne said. “Bongga, parang ‘Titanic.’”

Roxanne said her mom’s home was at the far end of the street and she had to plead with rescuers to get her. However, the rescuers said that when they reached her house, her mom didn’t want to be rescued and just wanted to stay on the second floor.

“Sabi ko ang scary. Baka magbukas pa ’yung isa pang dam,” Roxanne said, also noting that her mom didn’t have enough food and water supply.

She then said that she volunteered to go with the rescuers so she could convince her mom to go with them. However, her boyfriend was the one who volunteered in her place and even carried her mom onto the rescuers’ jet ski.

“Hindi siya nadaplisan ng tubig. Talagang binuhat siya tsaka sinakay sa jet ski,” Roxanne said.

Aside from the latest development in her love life, Roxanne also shared other updates, such as getting a new vlog team and the founding of Doc B Foundation in honor of her late father. – RC, GMA News