Mga batang matibay: real-life stories of inspiring Filipino kids

Mga batang matibay: real-life stories of inspiring Filipino kids


He was given up for adoption a few hours after his birth. A kind-hearted teacher took him in and raised him singlehandedly in a small town in Negros Occidental. He is no stranger to hearing unkind comments about his family setup, with Mommy Randy acting as both his father and mother.

In photo: Myco helps his Mommy Randy in everyday chores

However, Myco Jayran Sembrano has grown up matibay, filled with determination and positivity, admirable for one so young. Growing up in an unconventional family has taught him how to handle judgment from his peers.  He’s consistently at the top of his classes. Most of all, he’s proud of the mother who raised and taught him how to be kind and stronghearted. “Kahit bata pa ako at marami pang pagdadaanan,” the 12-year-old declares, “siguradong may tibay akong lagpasan ang lahat kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng iba.”

In photo: Myco is all smiles as he proudly shows the results of his hard work at school. He is now in Grade 6.

Mga Batang Matibay

Just like Myco, 12-year-old Pauline Padilla from Oriental Mindoro grew up in a challenging environment. Pauline and her siblings were left to the care of their grandparents. Money is usually tight for her family. It takes hours of walking through mountainous terrain just for her to get to school. Despite all these, Pauline continues to excel in her studies.

Though from different parts of the country, Myco and Pauline have one thing in common: they both have the TIBAY to defy their circumstances and one day, finish their education. For Myco, who dreams of giving back to his Mommy Randy, and for Pauline, who plans on becoming a teacher – education is the key to changing their lives.

In photo: Myco and Pauline are both excellent students. They are considered leaders in their classes.

Having opportunities to learn can improve a child’s chances of succeeding as an adult. This is why education is important to young Filipinos like Myco and Pauline. Not only does it bring them closer to achieving their dreams, but as future leaders in society, they can contribute to the country’s growth and progress.

TIBAY for school, TIBAY for life

Myco and Pauline’s courage and hard work have not gone unnoticed.  Their stories of strength, resilience, and TIBAY have been recognized through the BEAR BRAND® Batang Matibay Awards – a program that celebrates the TIBAY of Filipino students to keep pursuing one’s education in the face of life’s adversities.

Each year, BEAR BRAND® Fortified recognizes 10 Grade 5 and 6 students from public schools all over the country. Like Myco and Pauline, they each receive a college scholarship grant, a cash prize, and a BEAR BRAND® Fortified gift pack as a Batang Matibay awardee.

Through the Batang Matibay Awards, BEAR BRAND® Fortified continues to champion education for Filipino children through recognition, schooling support and proper nutrition. The brand has also given the awardees plaques of recognition as a reminder of their TIBAY and determination in life. The students’ respective schools have been provided with laptops, a BEAR BRAND® Fortified gift pack, and plaques of recognition.

The Batang Matibay Awardees have demonstrated extraordinary TIBAY for school and for life, making them a remarkable influence on their families, schools, and communities. Batang Matibay embodies the enduring thrust of BEAR BRAND® - to help moms raise a generation of Filipino children with the TIBAY to change the course of their lives.

Watch Myco’s story here:

Get to know more about Myco, Pauline, and other Batang Matibay Awardees on Bear Brand’s official website. Learn more about BEAR BRAND®’s activities by following them on Facebook.

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