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What could Kier Legaspi's cryptic Instagram post be about?

Kier Legaspi on Monday morning surprised his Instagram followers with a cryptic post on the social media platform.

"Magpainterview kaya ako para ‘yung side ko naman ang marinig," began his message.

"I’m trying to take all the punches and lies but let’s see how you would feel if I tell  my side of the story. Game?" He added. 

Kier didn't write any caption to it anymore. 



Curiously, Kier's daughter Dani was interviewed by Dr. Vicki Belo on the latter's vlog, and the feature interview was posted on YouTube just a few days ago, on July 15.

In the interview, Dani was asked if her father, Kier, was a big presence in her life as she was growing up.

Dani said, "not so much. I knew of him, parang he would come and go in my life for 27 years but not like a constant figure. But I always knew who he was. I knew he was my dad."

When asked if he was the type of father present at important events of her life including her birthdays, Dani said no. "I don't think I actually ever celebrated a birthday with my dad," she said, adding it was a "major frustration" for her especially when she sees friends with a complete family, blowing out their birthday candles.

While Dani said she had both "good and bad memories" with her dad Kier, she also admitted to feeling hurt about not having Kier around that much "because I knew he was around eh. I knew, hindi naman siya OFW. He was just within my reach."


She narrated that as she got older, Dani did try to reach out to her dad. In fact, she lived with him for three months, as she was going through a dark phase in her life.

But they got into a fight one night, and "and hindi na namin na-resurrect [yung relationship namin] from that night. We just stopped talking after that night and it has been 7 years," Dani recalled.

She shared that last year, she was able to talk to Kier, and they even made plans to meet up so that her daughter, Millie, can meet him. Alas, the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

Dani is Kier and Marjorie Baretto's daughter.

In 2019, Kier wrote Dani a letter, which he shared on Instagram, upon news of Dani's engagement to her now-husband Xavi Panlilio. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News