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Andi Eigenmann admits missing Ellie but says she wants her ‘to get out there and live her best life’

Andi Eigenmann took to Instagram to express how much she missed her eldest daughter Ellie.

She shared photos of the two of them together at the beach in Siargao where her island family was living.

"Me and my bestie. We miss you already, Ellie bellie! Never gets easy when she goes away to be a city girl for a month," she wrote.

"But like I always say, it isn't about me. It's about guiding her and giving her the chance to get out there and live her best, happiest life. Even if it means missing her so much," she added.

"Ohhh I love you very much my girl!"

Ellie is Andi's 9-year-old daughter with Jake Ejercito. She has two other children, Lilo and Koa, with her fiance Philmar Alipayo.

Ellie would alternately stay in Siargao with her mom and in Manila with her dad Jake. – Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/RC, GMA News