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Mikael Daez, Megan Young welcome another fur baby to their family

Mikael Daez and Megan Young have welcomed another fur baby to their family!

They shared the update on Instagram Monday with photos of them and Soba playing with their newest member named Chia. 

“Our family is growing,” Mikael wrote. “First there was one, and now we have two! Introducing Chia - the dark knight of our family. She’s actually the younger sister of Soba from another mister.”

“This sudden family growth came as a surprise but when we had our grand [meeting] with Chia, it was love at first sight,” he added with hearts.

According to Mikael, they’ve had Chia for a full day already and are starting to know her more and more.

“First of all, ang hirap niya picturan! She’s so uniformly black that the camera can barely tell what’s her head and tail side. Second, introducing a new member is tricky especially for our pandemic dog, SobaDoba.”

“We’re being extra careful but so far, so good. Chia has been a playful baby while Soba has been an open but socially awkward ate.”

Soba is Megan and Mikael’s pet toy poodle. With Chia around, it sure sounds like she’s gonna have so much more fun going on beach trips now.

In July last year, she won everyone’s hearts with photos taken on her first ever beach trip.

Nice to meet you, Chia! — LA, GMA News