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Rita Daniela opens up about baby’s dad

Rita Daniela has revealed details about the father of her baby.

In an interview with Nelson Canlas on “24 Oras” Wednesday, the Kapuso singer said the father of her child was her non-showbiz boyfriend. She added that they would be keeping their relationship private.

“It’s my decision not to share anything about us, about him to everyone because he’s not a showbiz personality. He’s a private person and our relationship has always been private,” said Rita.

Though the pregnancy was unexpected, Rita said it came at the right time. She sees her baby as her inspiration to see her own self-worth.

“‘Am I enough? Was I good? Was I great?’ That has always been my struggle but this blessing reminded me na I won’t feel that anymore,” she said.

“I will have someone who whatever I do, if I fail or not, that someone will see me and he or she will love me with all of his heart.”

Rita on Sunday revealed that she was pregnant with her first child, saying she couldn’t wait to meet the baby. – Franchesca Viernes/RC, GMA News