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Juancho Trivino asks Joyce Pring to be his GMA Gala date in the cutest way

Juancho Trivino and Joyce Pring are happily married, but this proposal is giving puppy love vibes.

With the GMA Gala just around the corner, Juancho asked Joyce to be his date in the cutest way.

As seen on his Instagram reel, the couple were at a café with a cup of black coffee in front of them when Juancho said. “Bebe, may gagawin tayo."

When he poured milk into the cup, a writing appeared to say: “Be my date?”

Joyce did not know what was happening, but when she turned the cup to reveal the text, she could not stop laughing and smiling at her husband's antics.

Juancho also gave his wife a bouquet of roses, and held up a piece of paper that said, “#GMAGala 20203.”

The Padre Salvi actor added in his caption, “Do not mind yung typo na 20203 ha, natawa na kame non tapos we just went with it because it’s funny[.]”

Juancho and Joyce love story started when they were hosts on “Unang Hirit.” They privately got married in 2019 and had another ceremony in 2020. They have two kids, Alfonso Eliam and newborn Agnes Eleanor.




—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News