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Erwan Heussaf's P150/day meal plan: How to ‘eat healthy’ on a budget

He posted, he got bashed, and he came back with a plan—a healthy meal plan.

Restaurateur and fitness enthusiast Erwan Heussaff responded to critics saying that his rigid "nothing is impossible" mantra to good eating habits is insensitive to people who are struggling to put food on the table by taking up a challenge a challenge posed to him on Twitter.

Heussaff designed a week-long meal plan, spending no more than P150 per day, to prove that being on a budget doesn't automatically mean reaching for food with little nourishment to offer. 

"All I was doing was telling people that they could do it," Heussaff explained. "We aren’t all dealt the same deck of cards, but it’s how you play your hand that defines you."

As an example, Heussaff pointed out that "70 pesos for a lunch of sisig rice from a Jolly Jeep in Makati, you could actually be cooking 600 GRAMS OF TILAPIA."

He added a few notes, the most relevant of which is:

This sample plan is meant for people who don’t have any strict nutritional requirements that I don’t know about. This is a general plan that would work for the average person who won't have any medical conditions and dietary restrictions. I wish I could make specific ones for each one of you, but I can’t. Everyone needs something different unfortunately, but this is a good start.

If you do have health issues that need to be addressed, please seek the help of reputable professional nutritionists and doctors.

Those interested in following the meal plan should also be reminded that this is for losing fat, not losing weight.

Heussaff also alerted people to this fact: "Healthy eating for fat loss IS NOT FUN and it's NOT EASY."

On this diet, you'll be eating "food as fuel" and not enjoyment — and you'll be doing this for three months straight. "If you were to do this plan for about 90 days, you will see some BIG changes. But that’s the thing, you can't do 7 days, then have a cheat day and start again."

Buckle up and good luck to those who want to try this! — graphics by Jannielyn Ann Bigtas  / AT, GMA News